For athletes in most sports, a College Recruiting Video is the single most valuable recruiting tool that they can have . . . IF it is prepared correctly. For these athletes, it is crucial that the college coaches are able to see them compete, with their own eyes, so that they can effectively evaluate the skill level of that athlete. This can be in person or, preferably, in a well-prepared video. This later approach allows athletes to showcase their very best performances on the field of play.

We can Help Produce

For student-athletes living in southern California, we are able to utilize our 25 years of experience to personally produce a quality recruiting video for many of these players each year. On behalf of athletes living in other parts of the country, we can work with them to personally teach and train parents, siblings or a local professional videographer the necessary techniques needed to shoot a quality recruiting video that will get results. We can then review, edit and produce the final product that can be sent to the college recruiters.

College Counselor – Your Role in the Recruiting Video

If you are a high school or independent counselor, we would not expect YOU to personally shoot, review or edit your athletes’ recruiting videos. However, with your participation in our webinar training program, we can teach you how to give your athletes, and their parents, some fundamental tips and techniques on their basic videotaping skills. In addition, you can learn just exactly what to look for when you review a “parent prepared video” and be able to give some concrete suggestions on how they, the parents, can improve the quality and effectiveness of their video footage.


If you have any questions or would like to further discuss your opportunity to take advantage of our video services, either in southern California, or elsewhere in the country, please contact us at

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