Advising The College-Bound Student-Athlete

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   Who Will Benefit?

  • Well established counselors have lots of experience, but frequently a limited amount of training or expertise to effectively help athletes with their recruiting activities
  • New counselors just entering the profession; likely have very little, or no formal education at all in advising athletes
  • All other counselors, plus coaches and parents – If you have a sincere desire to help athletes but need training in the techniques, please join us.

   Who Should Enroll?

  • Counseling student-athletes is a niche market. There is a huge need and demand by athletes, but a very small supply of qualified counselors to serve them. This equates to significant revenue opportunities for counselors! Interested?
  • You will have a more comprehensive set of counseling skills than those possessed by your peers.
  • You may be able to help your student-athletes to be accepted to more colleges as well as receive more significant “financial packages” than if they were just applying in the status of a “student”.

   Hot Topics Include:

  • How to conduct a highly effective initial consultation with your athlete’s family
  • The secrets to identifying the best “target schools” for your student-ATHLETE!
  • The critical importance of proper “timing” and the Ivy League Academic Index for your high academic athletes




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Counselor Video Testimonials

Don't just listen to us! Here's what our alumni counselors around the country have to say about our course...

Leigh Moore - Louisville, KY
Jill Madenberg - Lake Success, NY
Donna Siegel - Valencia, CA
Cyndi Niendorf - Sonoma County, CA


We are one of the few, if not the ONLY, service of this kind anywhere in the country. We offer a comprehensive program for college counselors to provide them with a meaningful and effective educational resource to learn how to successfully guide their athletes through the recruiting process.

David Stoeckel and Katie Andersen are former college athletes with over two decades of combined experience advising college-bound student-athletes. We have been training college counselors in southern California for many years and have now developed this webinar series in order to share our knowledge and experience with college counselors throughout the country.

David Stoeckel
Pennsylvania State University
Penn State Football & Rugby
H.S: Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track
Son – Swimmer, University of Virginia
Daughter – Volleyball, Oregon State

Katie Andersen
Duke University
Duke Women’s Soccer
H.S.: Volleyball, Soccer, and Track
Former Duke Alumni Interviewer
UCLA Ext – College Counseling Certificate

COURSE FORMAT - Self-Paced for your Convenience!

Each session we take an in-depth look at the process of successfully counseling a student-athlete from your first contact with the family all the way through signing a National Letter of Intent. Our 11-session webinar series includes:

  • Exclusive content and resources available on our secure online classroom
  • “Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete” Counselor’s Manual written specifically for high school and independent counselors. The manual complements the presentation topics.
  • Recorded webinar presentations provide an interactive and engaging educational environment. 
  • Each participant is entitled to 30 minutes of personalized Q&A time with the presenters for "quick questions" and "quick answers". In addition, we include written Q&A from earlier sessions. 
  • Webinar recordings will be available to view 24/7 so you can watch them when it is convenient for you and advance through the material at your own pace depending on your available time and client needs. Enrollment is valid for 120 days after purchase.


Each recorded webinar session is approximately 1 hour long.

Recordings are posted on the Counselor Classroom and available for viewing 24/7 until the last day of the course.

Session 1 - General Rules, Our Philosophy, College Athletic Organization Overview, "The Big Picture"
Session 2 - NCAA Official timeline, Initial Contact with Client
Session 3 - Priority Analysis, Questionnaire, Athletic Profile, Cover Letter/Email
Session 4 - Select Target Schools
Session 5 - Selecting Target Schools (cont.), Coach Contact, Emerging Sports/Club Teams
Session 6 - Eligibility Centers (NCAA, NAIA), Ivy League Academic Index
Session 7 - Athletic Recruiting Videos
Session 8 - Post Video Research, Telephone Call with Coach
Session 9 - Showcase Tournaments & ID Camps, Recruiting Terminology, Unofficial Visits
Session 10 - Official Visits, National Letter of Intent
Session 11 - Developing an Athletic Counseling Practice, Resources, Workshops, Mentorship, and "Amazing but True" stories


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Your enrollment is valid for 120 days after purchase.
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