During the past several years we have been devoting an ever increasing proportion of our time and efforts to teaching and training our fellow counselors, high school and independent, to effectively counsel college-bound athletes. It is quite evident that many counselors have simply never had the educational opportunity to learn and develop a significant degree of expertise in this area. And, with over 7 million participants in high school sports every year, there is clearly a need for more qualified advisors for our athletes. Will you be one of them? If so, scroll down and read more…

Educational Opportunities

And Professional Development

For Counselors


Counselor Webinar Series

Our “Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete” Webinar Series is an 11-session, self-paced online course for Independent and High School Counselors who wish to significantly expand their level of knowledge in dealing with student-athletes. Enrollees have 120 days to complete this course after the purchase date. The Counselor’s Manual is included in the registration fee.

Format: Online
Cost: $335

Counselor's Manual

“Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete – The Counselor’s Manual” is valuable and user-friendly resource for both High School and Independent Counselors. The Counselor’s Manual explains the step-by-step activities, timeline, and forms that athletes should utilize from initiating the process all they way through signing a National Letter of Intent.

Format: Printed Manual
Cost: $24.95


We established our Mentorship Program to allow counselors to continue asking questions, requesting our advice, and seeking our assistance on any issues related to the counseling of college-bound student-athletes.

Format: Phone & Email
Cost: $95/hour (package pricing available)

Athletes Do-It-Yourself Guide

Our High School Athletes “Do-It-Yourself” Guide allows student-athletes to follow our easy-to-understand approach for initiating their own athletic recruiting experience. The DIY Guide was developed to support High School and Independent Counselors. Contact us at david@PlayCollegeSports.com to receive a copy by email.

Format: Adobe Acrobat
Cost: FREE


Mini Seminars for Local Counselor Groups     (Southern California only)

Please contact us at david@PlayCollegeSports.com to discuss a presentation and reserve a date for your counselor group.

Conferences & UC Continuing Education

We offer educational sessions at national and regional counselors’ conferences for High School Counselors and Independent Educational Consultants such as HECA, WACAC, TACAC, KYACAC, and IECA. We also offer webinar appearances through the UC Continuing Education College Counseling Certificate programs (UC Irvine and UCLA). Click here for more details.

High School Presentations

College Night presentations for high schools and club teams (athletes and parents) in Southern California. Read more...

Co-Counseling Programs

Often we are contacted by independent counselors who possess a high level of experience and expertise in the academic aspect of guiding high school students but, when confronted with a student-athlete, they do not have the training to effectively work with that individual and they do not really want to go through an extensive educational program to learn the procedures. Instead, they prefer to work together with us in a relationship where they handle all of the academic aspects of the college search and we just focus on the athletic recruiting portion of the process. Click here for more details.

Still not see what you’re looking for?

We offer other custom-made counselor training formats designed to fulfill specific needs of you and your associates. If you should have questions regarding the above described services or resources or just wish to discuss any challenges that are confronting you with any of your client athletes, please contact us at david@PlayCollegeSports.com. Wishing you the Best of Luck!

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