The College Recruiting Group was established in 1990 by David Stoeckel. After competing in high school football, baseball, basketball and Track and Field, he went on to play football and rugby at Pennsylvania State University. His passion for sports stayed in the family as his son and daughter both had outstanding athletic careers as well as successful college recruiting experiences. His daughter went on to play volleyball at Oregon State University and his son competed as a member of the swim team at the University of Virginia.

In spite of the very rewarding athletic opportunities experience by David and his children, one thing continued to disturb him; and that was the fact that both his daughter and son had a number of high school teammates and friends who possessed athletic ability that was equal to or exceeded that of their college peers who were attending universities on athletic scholarships . . . but the high school teammates were never recruited! And, this same inequality still exists today, almost three decades later! WHY, you ask? It’s because of the simple fact that it is virtually impossible for college recruiters to find all of the best athletes in the country from each graduating class! That is, unless the athlete takes the initiative to make himself or herself known to the college teams that are compatible with their skill level in sports as well as a realistic match for their academic success in the classroom.

To further complicate the issue, there are very few resources available to high school and independent college counselors where they can educate themselves on effective counseling procedures. They need to be able to learn how to successfully guide their college-bound student-athletes through the college athletic recruiting process.

After over two decades of working exclusively with high school athletes and steering them through their college recruiting experiences, David, and his associates, are now working not only with today’s athletes, but are also devoting a significant amount of time and effort to teaching and training high school and independent counselors how to counsel their student-ATHLETES.

The products and services which have been created, and are made available by, the College Recruiting Group to high school athletes, independent and school counselors, coaches and parents are described on other pages of our website.

“The College Recruiting Game . . . Play To Win!”