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Advising The College-Bound Student-Athlete

Athletes (and Parents)

Founded in 1990, the College Recruiting Group is dedicated to guiding high school athletes through their college recruiting experience. This is achieved through a variety of services, including counseling individual athletes and their families one-on-one to personalize our efforts for each specific athlete, as well as giving presentations to high schools and club teams. In addition, we produce, or guide the family through, the production of their athlete’s college recruiting video, which is frequently the single most valuable recruiting tool that the athlete can have. Click on the above “Athletes” tab to learn more.

High School and Independent Counselors

In recent years we have devoted more and more of our time and efforts to teaching and training high school and independent academic counselors, as well as coaches and “energetic parents”, how to effectively guide their student-athletes through the recruiting process. To achieve this goal, we give presentations at counselor conferences, provide information sharing sessions for local/regional counselor groups, and authored our Counselor’s Manual, entitled “Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete”. Furthermore, for counselors who seriously want to expand their expertise on this topic, we are offering “10 Session Webinars”, Two-Day in-person workshops, a Mentorship Program and Co-Counseling services. Click “Counselor” tab above for more information on the above-referenced services and resources.

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"Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete"

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